Dropshipping and WHOLESALE

Dropshipping is when you sell our Abayas and Jilbabs to your customer;

- You pay wholesale price + P&P to Isaac'c Boutique

- We post it out directly to the customer

- Customer pays you Retail price - You pocket the Profit!

- No need to make space for stock and worry about Post & Packaging, we do all that for you!

- We ship out directly to your customer.


Example - Jilbab at dropshipping price costs £17 including P&P from isaac's boutique

- Your price the customer is £45 (£45-£17= £28!) you make a great profit of £28!

And that is just one jilbab, imagine you sell only just 1 a day £28x7days =£196

times that by 4 weeks = £784

Thats a fabulous monthly part time job that anyone can do.


Don't quite understand? No problem our friendly team member can contact you, just leave your name and number or if you prefer email or txt and we will be happy to help :)



Contact us for our competitive wholesale prices. If you wish to email / txt or speak to us please leave your contact details and we will email / txt or call you back.

Our minimum order quantity is 6 per style (mixed sizes) with such a small minimum order quantity anyone can wholesale be it a sole trader (individual seller, ebayer) or small businesses.


Email your enquiries to 


Thank you for showing interest.




“I work from home needed flexible hours to work around my family,

finally found something I really enjoy selling and making good income”

Mohima Chouhuary ~ Burnley


“looking for any kind of paid job is hard these days,

Al-ham-du-lillah, I’am glad I have taken this step to

become my own boss and work my own hours”

Naila ~ Leceister


“after being made redundant I had very less cash

to invest in anything. Thank you to this Boutique

store found my feet again :)”

Uzmah Rashid ~ Edmonton, London


"Great clothes and the jilbab's are much loved by my cutomers,

the feel and the standard of the clothes as a whole is excellent,

they know they are getting quality clothes."

Jathibiyya Barakat ~ Wales

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